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The Zoomarine philosophy is based on conservation and environmental education, and one of their main activities it the dolphin emotions – swimming with dolphins.

In addition, we strongly believe that observing different species and learning directly from them will gradually and inevitably increase public appreciation of wildlife and concern over the significant environmental problems that pose serious threats to life on our planet.

Dive into a vast lagoon, surrounded by a mantle of fine sand, dotted with vegetation. A slice of paradise, with the potential to interact with dolphins and provide unique experiences that will certainly change your life.

Make a friend that will live in your heart forever when you experience the highlight of your day, a one-on-one dolphin encounter. Learn about dolphin behavior and communication. Wade into the dolphin lagoon. Come nose to bottlenose with one of these fascinating and intelligent animals, take hold of its dorsal fin and hold on for the ride of a lifetime.

Accompanied by a trainer, small groups of guests wade into shallow water and become acquainted with their dolphin through hugs, kisses and rubdowns. Then, taking the adventure one step further, guests interact with their dolphin in deeper water for an exciting dorsal fin tow ride.

Swimming with Dolphins at Zoomarine only 169€

Adult spectator: 31€
Child spectator: 21€
Senior spectator: 21€

* All prices include FREE entry in the park

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