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Make someone’s day with Dolphin Safari & Caves Tour

Friends, Lovers and Couples who play together, stay together. Just like in relationships, even though everything seems nicely in place, sometimes it is also important to keep the excitement alive. And for those who are more adveturous, doing new things together and making new memories is what keeps them living life to its fullest!


If you’re one of these kind of people, how about surprising someone special and taking them on a Dolphin Safari & Caves Tour, to see some breathtaking views of the surrounding areas of the Algarvian Coastline and also to be able to experience sightseeing of dolphins in their natural environment! Enjoy this amazing experience beside that special person, that best friend or dear one. We can 100% guarantee that for the many who get to see these wild animals, this is definetely an experience that you will never forget. The joy, wonder and excitement that you will feel will definetly bond you together and give you something to talk about and remember – something that you will be able to tell your children or grandchildren, or even your friends!

The sound of tickling water inside the caves, the serene and calming environment that surrounds you, will help you to relax and enjoy the moment. Take a minute to close your eyes and just feel the moment. Feel the air, the sounds. Breathe deeply into the sea’s fresh breeze and take a moment to appreciate this amazing experience. Once out of the caves, you will be taken on a journey to find dolphins into the deep ocean. There will be a moment of silence, before you are able to hear the first splashe’s of water. These sounds will take you on a more exciting and adventurous feel. Being close to these wild animals, which are so beautiful and gracious in all their form, and who share many similarities with us that even scientists have been inclined to research how far goes the intelligence of this species, makes us feel joyus and in connection with the wild nature. A true lifetime experience. So if you are looking for something fun to do with your special one, or maybe a way of enliven an old relationship, or pehaps even just spend quality time with friends and / or family, consider our Dolphin Safari & Caves Tour at Vilamoura Watersports in the Algarve!

Join us at Vilamoura Watersports in the sunny Portuguese Algarvian coast for un activities for the whole family to enjoy! Visit our website at or give us a call at (+351) 937 777 913 for reservations and information on planning your fun day on the water, or you can also book online here.

We hope to see you soon!