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Zoomarine is the most popular family attraction in the Algarve, this theme park is also a fantastic water park.

Zoomarine has its own man made beach in this  new water fun area, where you will find a wave pool surrounded by white sand, water slides, swimming pools and an aquatic playground.

Zoomarine Wonderland


The pirate ship and the tropical island are part of a wonderful scenario for an unforgettable adventure in an imaginary world full of fun. A dream world choreography alluding to family situations for all spectators, culminating with an engaging and stimulating happy ending. It aims to change behaviors towards greater environmental protection.


Beauty, tenderness, speed and energy. A dream and fantasy representation to enact funny amazing and acrobatic behaviors, only possible due to the trust and everlasting relationship between the Zoomarine trainers and these magnificent ambassadors of the oceans.


Macaws, cockatoos and parrots show color, sounds and other secrets of our magic forest. The environmental awareness and the need to protect habitats and species, with particular emphasis on rainforests, is the major aim of this area.


Latest generation of digital animation.

A fantastic and educational journey throughout the vast ocean portraying some of the challenges these species face in their lifetime.

Zoomarine is the premier family attraction in the Algarve, offering a blend of shows featuring marine mammals, informative exhibits and water park attractions all in one location.

Zoomarine is open between March and October and is one of the most popular family attractions in the region with the live shows being the main draw. Watch as the Zoomarine dolphins, sea lions and birds interact naturally with their trainers and see the majestic marine mammals both above and below the water thanks to the pools with transparent sides.

Away from the animals there is still plenty of fun, including a new T-Rex feature, the hugely popular mini theme park, complete with big wheel and the pool areas, which are the perfect place to cool down in the summer months at Zoomarine.

Zoomarine Tickets

Adult entry: 35€
Child entry: 25€
Senior entry: 25€

* Children under 1 metre get FREE entry

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